Our Team

Alexander Galanis

Property Partner


Alexander Galanis is someone who thinks on his feet. With a passion for property and a thrill for the sale, he is the perfect addition to Ben Collier’s elite group based at The Agency Bondi Beach.

Alexander’s lively character paired with his ability to connect to a range of demographics allows him to establish a great client rapport in no time. He holds himself to high standards and a regimented approach, ensuring he delivers exceptional service to both his team and customers every time. Between Alexander’s unrelenting motivation and consistent energy, there lies a likeable character that draws in people and immediately puts them at ease in his presence.

Over his short time in real estate, Alexander has achieved not only incredible results for his clients, but the clients have also become great advocates of Alexander’s ability, knowledge and integrity.

Joining a team of like-minded professionals, he knew that The Agency’s boutique branding, innovative style and global reach was the perfect place to achieve the strongest outcomes for his clients and progress his property career.

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