07.10.2018 Buying Tips

Don’t Let The Internet Choose Your Home For You

Don’t Let The Internet Choose Your Home For You

As useful as the internet is when it comes to finding the right property, online advertising should never be the only tool you rely on.

Here are six reasons why attending an open home is still one of the most important elements in the buying process.

1. An online listing can only show so much

While today’s real estate websites offer a huge range of tools to inform potential buyers, there is a limit to what we can show you online. Even the best video listing can’t take in elements like the feel of the surrounding suburb, the look of neighbouring houses or what it’s like to walk from the property to the nearest café or school.

2. Seeing the reality gives you an emotional connection

You may start to build a connection with a property through the online listing, but it’s that moment you step through the door at an open home that you can truly begin to imagine what it might be like to live there. This is a crucial moment when the idea of a house turns into a reality you can plan for.

3. Open homes are where you refine your budget

As you inspect bathrooms and bedrooms, agents know you are also quietly doing your own calculations about how much you are willing to pay for the property. A huge range of elements go into this decision that can’t be replicated online, from the number of other potential buyers at the open home to the surrounding noise, the temperature of each room and the way the light enters the property at different times of the day.

4. Agents can dispel any doubts buyers have

Online listings offer plenty of information, but there’s always the risk that you will miss an important detail or make an assumption about the property that isn’t correct. This is where one-to-one communication with the seller’s agent is crucial. The right agent will be tuned in to your questions and ready with clear, honest answers.

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5. Off-market deals rely on agent communication

If you’re planning to buy a property off-market – a trend we’re seeing more of across Sydney’s eastern suburbs – your purchase won’t rely on online advertising at all. Instead, you’ll need access to a pool of properties that meet your particular needs but are not advertised. This is something only an experienced, well-connected real estate agent can provide.

6. The best agents have your needs in mind too

Real estate agents are of course working on behalf of the seller, but they also know how important it is to build strong relationships with buyers. Even if a particular property doesn’t completely meet your needs, talking with the agent at an open home could point you towards another opportunity nearby. It also gives the agent the chance to contact you if you the right house comes onto the market in future.

Technology is a fantastic tool and a great way to get started in finding your new home, but it should only ever be one element in finding your new property.