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What Eastern Suburbs Buyers Are Really Looking For

What Eastern Suburbs Buyers Are Really Looking For

From granny flats to green homes, we look at what buyers in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs are looking for right now.

We can learn a lot from the real estate search terms buyers enter on property portals such as Domain and realestate.com.au. They tell us exactly what buyers are looking for, giving us greater insight into their search criteria.

Changing patterns in search terms can also highlight broader trends and fashions around how we choose to live and the all-important “lifestyle” buyers want.

With that in mind, we analyse the most common search terms for Eastern Suburbs property buyers.

What are the most searched buyer keywords?

Realestate.com.au recently released its latest keyword search data, revealing exactly the most popular search terms in every suburb.

Nationally, the top 10 search terms for houses were:

  1. Swimming pool
  2. Garage
  3. Air conditioning
  4. Ensuite
  5. Outdoor area
  6. Built in robes
  7. Dishwasher
  8. Heating
  9. Shed
  10. Study

While for apartments, the list was slightly different:

  1. Balcony
  2. Air conditioning
  3. Garage
  4. Swimming pool
  5. Outdoor area
  6. Ensuite
  7. Built-in robes
  8. Dishwasher
  9. Heating
  10. Study

The most searched-for terms in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs?

Here in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, the top search keywords are broadly similar to the national top 10.

In the housing market, the top three search terms applied across the board: swimming pool, outdoor area, and garage. These were the same three most important terms in parkside suburbs such as Paddington, Woollahra, Centennial Park and Randwick, beachside areas such as Clovelly and Bronte, and harbourside suburbs such as Vaucluse and Rose Bay.
For apartments in inner city areas, the search terms reflect slightly different buyer priorities. In Surry Hills, the top search terms included air conditioning, balcony and outdoor area. In Potts Point, the top search terms were balcony, swimming pool and outdoor area.

The growth in search terms reflects we want a different way of living

Over the past year, there was an increase in particular search terms that reflect a growing trend for intergenerational living and additional modes of flexible accommodation as well as quality construction.

For example, nationally, the top three buy keywords with the largest year-on-year growth for houses were: “dual living” (up 27%), “granny flat” and “brick”.

“Dual living” is typically two separate homes under one roof or title, sometimes called dual occupancy or duplex. Properties like this are limited in Sydney’s East but when they’re available, they’re always in high demand.

For apartments, there was a growth in search terms that reflected the growing appeal of lifestyle amenities: “lift”, “gym”, and “loft” topped the list nationally for the largest year-on-year growth. Across NSW, “top floor” was the fastest-rising search term (up 27%), followed by “gym” and ”views”.

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To some extent, we believe the growth in these search terms also reflects our aging population and the rising number of downsizers, many of whom demand accessibility as a prerequisite to buying a home.

For houses in NSW, the largest year-on-year growth for a search term was “single level” (up 28%), followed by “dual” and “brick”.

Realestate.com.au data also shows that in NSW, searches for homes with an ocean view rose by 10% over the past year.

What else do we know about what buyers want?

The Q4 2023 Domain Insight Chart Pack provides other interesting insights into what buyers are looking for.

Price-wise, the bulk of searches across Sydney are in the $500,000 to $999,000 range, with the over $2.5 million price point only accounting for 11% of our city’s searches in April 2023.

Buyers are also becoming more open to smaller land sizes. Domain says that historically, Sydney has seen the most search activity on larger land sizes of between 500 to 999 sqm. However, over the last year, the proportion of search activity for land under 500 sqm has risen to 40%, making it the most searched category in Sydney.

Another interesting phenomenon we’ve written about before is the growing demand for green homes.

Domain data on buyer search behaviour also shows a rising demand for sustainable homes through the increased use of energy-efficient keywords. These hit a new high at the end of 2022 and into 2023.

Perhaps in response to this growing buyer demand for sustainable features, the proportion of homes for sale that contained energy-efficient keywords within the listing reached an all-time high of 61% in April 2023.

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