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Inner Sydney High School

Inner Sydney High School

Sydney’s eastern suburbs is already home to many excellent schools.

Next year in 2020, Inner Sydney High School (ISHS) is set to open their gates for the first time to 180 lucky year seven students and their parents.

The $102 million, 14-storey Surry Hills school (dubbed ‘Inner Sydney high-rise High’) has been long-awaited. Some parents are moving to the area in order to be in the catchment, and others are eschewing private and selective schools for this promising new facility on Cleveland Street.

What is it about this school that’s making parents reconsider their child’s educational options all over again? Read on to find out:

Setting the Tone

This 180 students starting next year will form the class of 2025 and be the first cohort to graduate from the school when they reach year 12, setting the culture and tone for the new institution.

Robyn Matthews, the principal, said that there will only be an annual intake for year seven students. “It means we can grow the school culture from the ground up, which is exciting.” She told the Sydney Morning Herald.

The Principal

Speaking of the future principal, Robyn Matthews seems to be a drawcard in her own right. Prior to this role, she was the Principal of South Sydney High School for almost seven years.

She was also Deputy Principal of Sydney Sydney Secondary College (Balmain Campus) and has worked with the Curriculum and Learning Innovation Centre and the NSW Curriculum Directorate.

In a newsletter to the school Matthews said that some of the principles fundamental to the ISHS curriculum will be co-teaching and project-based learning.

One parent told the Sydney Morning Herald “[Principal Robyn Matthews] is so passionate and positive…She has a vision, and my understanding is that she can hire the people who she believes are the best.”

The Facilities

Vertical, high rise high schools are uncommon in Australia but FJMT architects make the prospect look exciting.

Aside from a large speedy lift that promises to move large groups of students from the subterranean basketball court to the science labs, the architects also plan to incorporate the Aboriginal heritage of the surrounding area into the built environment through a combination of displays, landscaping, signage and other design elements.

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As well as traditional classrooms, Inner Sydney High School students will have access to:

  • Multiple floors dedicated to STEAM/science labs
  • games terrace
  • central library with mini libraries around the school
  • presentation space
  • a movement studio
  • an underground basketball court.

The Curriculum

According to the school’s newsletters the curriculum for ISHS is being refined, but what’s revealed so far is enticing to many prospective parents.

The school will be embedded in the local community, and the second half of year seven will have a strong focus on sustainability.

Its central position will allow students to visit nearby museums and landmarks.

There is also a ‘Pursue Your Passion’ initiative. Budding artists will be able to make the most of the school’s collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Arts and focus on the concept of identity, as one of the features of the Inspired Learning Framework for next year.

The Catchment

The catchment zone for the school has been a touchy topic. Half of Redfern was initially excluded from the catchment but a reassessment has included a larger portion of the suburb.

The catchment also extends east as far as Paddington, Potts Point and Centennial Park taking the pressure off Rose Bay Secondary College.

School catchment zones play a huge part in where families choose to live. So we certainly expect to see the catchment zone have an impact on demand for property in these areas.

If you’re interested in making Sydney’s eastern suburbs your home, contact my team today.

Image source: https://www.schoolinfrastructure.nsw.gov.au/projects/i/inner-sydney-high-school.html