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The Benefits Of Using An Architect

The Benefits Of Using An Architect

Using the right architect can add value to your eastern suburbs property and make it appeal to more buyers.

We are privileged to sell a lot of gorgeous homes across Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Based on this experience in the market, buyers and homeowners frequently ask us to advise them on their renovation plans.

One of the issues that regularly comes up is the question of whether or not to use an architect. And, whether they’re reconfiguring a property or building from scratch, our answer is pretty simple: you won’t regret spending money on a good architect.

Here’s why.

The benefits of using an architect

A good architect will use their design skills and knowledge to add enormous value to a property renovation or building project in four main ways.

1. Great design

As design experts, architects can tell you how to maximise the space you have and how to make it work for you. They’re experts in overcoming challenging design problems, from lack of light to a difficult floor plan.

A good architect will come up with innovative design solutions and help you create that wow factor. But they’ll also keep an eye on day-to-day practicalities such as storage, flow, and light. And, if you have your own vision, they can work with you to bring it to life in the best possible way.

2. Expert knowledge and experience

Building and renovating can be stressful, but putting yourself in the hands of a good architect can help take a lot of the pain away.

They’ll offer independent advice on the building process and will have established contacts with quality builders, tradespeople and suppliers. Architects are also experienced in dealing with the legalities around the building, such as council and planning regulations.

If you have a particular building style or design aim (eg: a heritage property, or a sustainable green build) you should choose an architect who specialises in this type of property. They can also recommend the best approach to dealing with any problems that come up during the build.

3. Value for money

While an architect obviously costs money, in some instances they can actually save you money by advising on or designing around particular building materials, methods or the site itself. You’ll usually pay them a percentage fee of the project cost.

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An architect will usually be with you for the whole project – from conception to completion – dealing with any issues that crop up along the way. It can be the most useful relationship you have, and one that will last for some years, depending on the project – so it’s important to choose an architect you can work well with and trust.

4. A big-name architect can be a sought after commodity

Some people will pay a premium for a property that has been designed or redesigned, by one of Sydney’s best architects. We have buyers who actively seek out and follow particular big names.

That means a well-known architect can be a real selling point. Because of this, we often promote the architect in our property listings.

Case study: 2/8A Arnold Street Queens Park

2/8A Arnold Street is no ordinary home. And it simply wouldn’t exist without its architect conceiving the home, masterminding the project, guiding its construction, and paying the utmost attention to every little detail – from the bespoke hand basins to the wing roof, or the jacuzzi on a terrace built around a 120-year-old fig tree.

Set in a peaceful cul-de-sac just metres from Queens Park, and close to excellent schools, this brand-new residence is designed by architect Steven Gerendas from Unfold Workshop. It merges seamlessly into the landscape, taking its cues from a wide range of sources from industrial to Japanese design.

This unique property has been designed with light and privacy in mind, reflecting the site’s former life as an old quarry and maintaining the occupant’s constant connection with nature and the site itself.

Featuring custom touches from the leathered granite kitchen table to the bespoke steel and reclaimed hardwood staircase, the four-bedroom home includes a garage with a concrete turntable, Atlantis green roof, and self-contained studio accommodation. The architect’s attention to detail is evident in the stunning fixtures and fittings, muted tones, quality of the build and its integrated passive solar design.

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