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Why You Should Consider A Warehouse Conversion

Why You Should Consider A Warehouse Conversion

A good warehouse conversion unites the architectural shells of the past with the latest in modern interior design to make a truly bespoke property that stands out from the crowd.

We’ve been lucky enough to sell a few over the years.

Let’s unpack the reasons why many buyers consider a warehouse conversion the perfect property to live in.

They’re unique and make a statement

When you think of warehouse conversions you probably think of New York – where they’re more plentiful. Warehouse homes and apartments may be few and far between in Sydney, but once you’ve set your sights on one, we’re sure you won’t be able to look back.

Often located in areas with a strong industrial past, the beauty about them is that they’re all unique – you’ll never find two the same.

For example, who would have thought this former landmark mechanic garage could have such gravitas and craftsmanship after it’s renovation?

This individuality creates some truly unique properties that hold their own bespoke value. These properties are often an architect or interior designer’s dream as they’re able to capture the individual potential held in each space.

You’ll find that the textures and materials used to construct these warehouses are often uncommon in comparison to the surrounding property market, making for unique statement walls or spaces that are multi-purpose or even gallery-like in nature.

108-110 Hargrave Street, Paddington, formerly the historic Myers Store c1907, exemplifies how transformative the right eye and influence can be over a property. It utilises the concept of indoor-outdoor space to bring this property into the new century.

They offer multi-use spaces

Because they’ve not been used or designed like a typical house with a standard predictable layout, warehouse conversions are known for their very flexible use of space.

When walking through a warehouse conversion, we encourage our clients to visualise not just what the space may be currently used or styled as, but how that space can be adapted to suit their own needs.

Office spaces can become a cinematic fanatic’s centre of entertainment, and casual lounge spaces can be given dramatic purpose through placing emphasis on sweeping ceiling height and grand dining features.

Distinct living quarters can also provide the perfect opportunity for intergenerational living or shared home and income opportunities.

One property we recently sold, 6a Liverpool St, Paddington is the perfect example of luxury urban chic living meets stripped-back work studio. With its origins as a soap factory, this property offers a clean slate for multi-purpose use with its mix of commercial space and impeccably renovated, flexible living areas.

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Trends may come and go, but space will never grow old

Warehouse conversions provide the perfect canvas for trends to come alive, with their open spaces allowing owners to rejuvenate the look and feel of their property whenever inspiration strikes.

Trends on the rise for this year include the “indoors as outdoors,” meaning outdoor spaces are more central to the home than ever when it comes to relaxing and entertaining, and “wellness kitchens,” meaning that these spaces are focused on utilising sustainable materials and fostering social interactions and nourishing food central to a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

We see trends come and go, however the persistence of space to grow and evolve is the consistent draw card for these warehouse conversions that will never go out of style, whether you’re a family, couple or solo property owner.

You can carve out a competitive corner of the market

Uniqueness is not only to be visually celebrated, but also presents a competitive edge when it comes to selling these warehouse conversions. And in the Sydney market that has seen general property prices decline over the last 12 months, it’s important to tap into potential for long-term growth.

Surry Hills, for example, is home to many warehouse conversions, and displayed some of the highest capital growth for houses and even made the Sydney’s top 10 for year-on-year growth coming at 10.2%. Investing in unique properties in areas like this are a smart way to ensure commercial success as well as competitive appeal as buyers can purchase a piece of evolving history.

When it comes to considering resale value down the line, you’ll be able to take comfort in the fact that a unique warehouse property is sure to stand out in a market flooded with units and terrace houses.

But it’s important to make sure you know what’s the latest on the market

Finding a warehouse conversion for sale is not the easiest feat considering their relative scarcity in comparison to other types of properties on the market. That’s where we can help you ensure that you find the right conversion to suit your needs, whether you need close access to schools and public transport, or if you’d like to be the owner of a statement property in the heart of Sydney.

Take this former Masonic Hall for example which recently entered the market – 38-40 Station Street, Newtown provides two self-contained levels perfect for family living, as well as indoor-outdoor spaces to complement the luxury finishes and grand open spaces. The stunning decor and size matched with the convenient, central location makes this highly-sought after property one to watch on auction day.

198-200 Australia Street, Newtown presents another example of individual impact, with this factory conversion incorporating Roman redesign elements matched with urban industrial features to present a truly unique property opportunity.

One things for sure – if you’re looking for the wow factor in a property warehouses can provide it.

If you’re looking to buy or sell a warehouse conversion in Sydney’s east, contact my team today.