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The Role Of Print In Real Estate Advertising

The Role Of Print In Real Estate Advertising

When online advertising seems to anticipate our desires, is there any role left for the humble print advertisement in property sales?

We explain why print is still relied upon by real estate agents and why it remains effective in today’s market.

Trust: The defining factor in print advertising

In the course of any given day, we come into contact with a huge range of ads, from social media posts to TV commercials, print ads and even old-school billboard ads. According to a recent Galaxy survey of Australians aged over 18, trust was highest for ads that appeared in national, regional and community newspapers. So while we may be impressed by the targeted reach of a digital ad campaign, it’s clear that print continues to have an important role to play when it comes to trust and buyer decision-making.

Which print channels are most effective for real estate?

Interestingly, ads that appeared in metropolitan newspapers were less trusted than those in their national, regional or community counterparts. This reflects our approach in placing print advertisements in local publications such as the Wentworth Courier, which claims an annual readership of 67,000, along with the nationally circulated Domain Prestige, which reaches approximately 300,000 people through the Australian Financial Review. This is where we connect with many high-end buyers to tell the story of our blue chip properties.

Different strategies for different market segments

Along with increasing trust, print advertising also offers the benefit of reaching passive buyers who may not be actively looking to buy property immediately, but are interested when they come across a well-presented property listing while browsing a magazine or newspaper.

Print is also important to consider when appealing to downsizers, as this is a demographic who tend to spend less time online.

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Finally, it’s important not to dismiss the impact of print flyers, which can be used for highly localised marketing campaigns such as letterbox drops, and to connect with buyers at inspection.

What an effective eastern suburbs marketing campaign should include

For sellers in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, a multifaceted, multi-channel marketing campaign that includes both print and online channels should be the standard. Along with a close understanding of your local market, look for an agency that can offer you:

  • Exceptional real estate photography, copywriting and extras such as video and virtual tours where appropriate.
  • Strong representation across Australia’s major real estate portals, along with an understanding of the impact of targeted social media campaigns.
  • Knowledge of the key print channels that will speak to the buyers you most want to connect with.

To discuss that marketing mix that will best represent your property, contact our team today.