Spotlight on Vaucluse: Another jewel in the east’s crown

With 2,300 houses and 2,200 apartments, Vaucluse is the larger cousin of Point Piper with scores of coveted waterfront mansions and many streets commanding prices well above $10m.

This quiet leafy suburb is well known for its heritage-listed talking points, including Vaucluse House.

Views of the harbour are a strong selling point for houses and apartments alike. With a median house price of $3,617,500, Vaucluse is home to the Australian real estate record sale – around $80m reportedly paid for four lots on Coolong Road in 2016, which beat the $70m sale of James and Erica Packer’s former residence, La Mer on Wentworth Road in 2015.

One bedroom apartments rent from $500 per week, depending on size and location; while two bedroom apartments with views rent from $1,250 per week.

A standard house rents for $2,000 to $3,000 per week, depending on size and proximity to the water.

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Five most expensive streets by median value (houses):

  • Wharf Road $12,896,441
  • Carrara Road $9,404,173
  • Greycliffe Avenue $7,428,283
  • Queens Avenue $7,390,237
  • Gilliver Avenue $7,378,158

Five most expensive streets by median value (apartments):

  • Village Lower Road $1,226,978
  • Olphert Avenue $1,160,978
  • Derby Street $1,112,230
  • Chapel Road $1,099,678
  • Russell Street $1,067,571

Source: Residex

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