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What Has COVID Taught Us About Our Homes?

Spending so much time at home has taught us what we value most in our homes, and what will be most important in our homes in the future.

Here are five ways COVID has shaped how we use and think about where we live.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought swift and dramatic change to the world, impacting every corner of our lives, from health to the economy. Spending so much time at home has taught us what we value most in our homes, and what will be important to us in our homes in the future.

Here are five ways COVID has shaped how we use and think about our homes.

1. Home is also a place to work

Even before the pandemic hit, the move towards greater flexibility in where and how we work had begun, particularly in the Eastern Suburbs. But during lockdown last year many households suddenly had to accommodate both working adults and children learning remotely.

With Australians reportedly some of the most productive when working from home, it’s clear greater workplace flexibility is the way forward. And there’s enormous demand from buyers for a home office space.

The traditional study has always been popular, and this has only increased – in the second half of 2020 “study” was the highest-ranking search word on A home office is at the absolute top of many buyers’ checklist right now.

Some owners with enough space are looking to build a separate garden office space. There’s also been an explosion of interest in tiny homes, with some of this driven by people looking for a creative solution for their backyard office.

2. Flexible, multifunctional spaces

More time at home shone a spotlight on flexibility. The need for spaces to fulfil a number of roles and be easily reconfigured is now essential. This is particularly the case in smaller homes where, for example, the idea of a dedicated office space might not be possible.

From a home yoga class to a workspace, to storage, music room, chill-out area or a spare room - our spaces need to work harder than ever before. We are seeing an increase in the desire for adaptable, multifunctional rooms. This includes rooms with moveable walls or spaces that can be closed off or opened up to accommodate different uses.

3. Making a house a home: renovation

More time at home coupled with government incentives has resulted in significant interest in renovation from many homeowners. As well as improving the space you live in, renovations done well can increase the value of your property for future sale.

Kitchens have been the focus, with lockdown sparking a resurgence in baking and home cooking.

4. Enjoying the outdoors

Constant border closures and ongoing uncertainty have meant seeking leisure in our own backyards. So while beautiful outdoor spaces have always been desirable, they’re particularly in demand now.

Landscaping and swimming pool companies have been inundated with business as people seek to create a relaxing haven at home. Swimming pools are a must-have on many buyers’ lists, so upgrading your pool can be a good investment should you wish to sell in future. Plus, refreshing your garden and the landscaping around your pool can bring new life to your property overall. Current trends include a focus on more gardens and less lawn, and creating the ever popular indoor–outdoor flow. Vegie gardens are also becoming more popular.

5. Wellbeing and lifestyle

Many people have experienced a renewed appreciation for health, wellbeing and time outdoors. Eastern suburbs residents are in an enviable position, with access to the best Sydney has to offer – world-renowned beaches, beautiful cliff top walks, gyms, public swimming pools, great hospitals and schools, and of course the amazing green spaces like Centennial Parklands.

We saw property prices in Sydney’s East surge throughout late 2020, and this continued as we turned the corner into early 2021. We believe the lifestyle and amenities available in Sydney’s East will continue to be in demand well beyond the pandemic.

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