01.15.2020 Property Trends

Home Design Trends for 2020

Home Design Trends for 2020

What will be big in the world of home interiors and design in 2020?

Trends for the year ahead are likely to centre around comfort, sustainability and smart home technology.

We check out what else is predicted to be big in design.

Slow design

Just as there is fast fashion so there is fast design. The slow design movement calls for more thoughtful and environmentally-friendly approaches, such as buying antiques and vintage over new products and supporting local craftspeople over large chains. Slow design is also about savouring, reflecting and engaging with good design to appreciate what it adds to our lives.

Natural materials

Alongside our search for greater sustainability in design comes an increased use of recycled and reclaimed materials, as well as raw natural materials such as rattan, plywood, hemp and terracotta. The Japanese concept of Wabi-sabi, which emphasises beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent and incomplete”, continues to influence many designers, leading to a greater use of natural materials and less shiny perfection.

Smart Homes

It’s no news that smart homes are on the rise with an ever-increasing array of products available in Australia. Among the smart technology trends for 2020 are smart phone app-controlled heating and cooling systems that let you save on consumption. Voice-activated assistants such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa will continue to become more prevalent, and a host of new smart kitchen appliances look set to reshape how we cook and eat.

Wall panelling

Interior wall panels were much seen in home design throughout 2019 and look set to be even bigger in 2020. They are an affordable solution that experts say can give a space dramatic ‘wow factor’ at an affordable cost. Installing wall panels as a bed-head is one easy way to get this look.

Blue is the colour of 2020

Pantone have revealed its 2020 colour of the year is: PANTONE 19-4052 called “Classic Blue”. We’re destined to see a lot of this deep indigo blue shade in home design this year.

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Fluted glass

Art deco style is creeping back into home interiors from vintage wallpaper and paint colour choices to curvy furniture silhouettes. Another way art deco is becoming more visible is through the use of fluted (ribbed) glass. Expect to see more of this in light fixtures, shower screens, kitchen cabinets and wall dividers.

Multifunctional furniture

Also proving popular, perhaps in part due to the growing ‘tiny homes’ trend, is furniture that has multiple uses. See, for example, Ikea’s Symfonisk line of lamps that double as Sonos audio speakers. We’re also seeing more furniture incorporating storage space in and underneath it – great for those who have downsized recently into smaller homes.

Vertical gardens and greener interiors

While Monstera and Fiddle Leaf figs continue to flood Instagram, they’re not the only plants that make great indoor greenery. Others having a moment are cacti, long leaf figs and olive trees. Vertical gardening is becoming more popular with some green-thumbs installing ‘living walls’ indoors to bring the outside in – perfect for a Paddington terrace courtyard. Outside, gardens grown up a trellis or on walls can maximise small spaces and beautifully cover up unappealing features, as well as provide more space for plants, herbs, flowers and even vegetable gardens.

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