11.16.2021 Property Trends

The Changing Face Of Real Estate Marketing

The Changing Face Of Real Estate Marketing

The advent of digital media has completely transformed real estate marketing, and today property photography and videography have reached new levels of artistry.

We take a look at the power of high-quality real estate marketing and how it can convey the essence and emotion of a home.

Twenty years ago, real estate marketing consisted of a photograph in the agent’s office window and maybe an ad in the local paper. Now the real estate agent’s window is a thing of the past, and times have well and truly changed.

The advent of the internet, and more recently social media, has caused a seismic shift in real estate marketing, and today it needs to deliver global reach. Find out how we capture buyers’ imaginations and differentiate our properties through our state-of-the-art marketing.

The power of professional photography

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, and professional real estate photography has long been one of the most powerful tools in the property marketing arsenal. Professional photography has the ability to showcase a home’s finest attributes and present it in the best possible light – literally.

These days, however, the best property photography goes a step further. Like the photography found in interior design and architecture publications, top-notch real estate photography is nothing short of art. At its finest, it evokes the emotion of space – the most potent tool real estate marketing can harness.

Take, for example, the photographs of 1 Bronte Marine Drive, Bronte, Bronte, 24 Elizabeth Street, Paddington, or 6 Goomerah Crescent, Darling Point. Each gives the viewer a palpable sense of the property’s interiors and unique features and evokes the rarity of each property’s lifestyle setting – whether that’s beachside, leafy parkside city fringe, or harbourside.

Conveying a lifestyle with video

While every property sale benefits from high quality professional photographic marketing, some also warrant their own video.

Video acts to draw the photographs together to provide a holistic sense of the property and, importantly, its location, but its superpower is conveying the lifestyle a property offers. It captures buyers’ imaginations and helps them to see themselves living in the property in a way other mediums don’t, and it can be deployed to great effect for prestige properties or those in special and unique settings, like waterfronts.

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Although it has been around for many years now, video as a real estate marketing tool has really come into its own during COVID, as lockdowns limited buyers’ movements and closed our international borders. Thanks to video, we were able to continue marketing and selling properties to Australian expats overseas without them needing to step foot back in Sydney.

Does high-quality photography and video marketing really make a difference?

Quality marketing attracts quality buyers, and first-rate marketing can have a significant impact on a property sale.

Data from the US-based National Association of Realtors (NAR) shows that video increases organic traffic from search engine results pages by 157%, and that real estate listings with video generate a staggering 403% more enquiries than those without. Real estate videos posted to social media result in a huge 1,200% more shares than text and image posts combined. There’s no doubt that video helps properties get seen by more buyers, and that quality video with high production values is more likely to capture and hold the attention of discerning buyers.

The art of real estate photography and videography

Not all real estate photography and videography is created equal, and we make a point of investing in only the best photo and video marketing to promote our properties.

You won’t see our real estate team on screen. Our videos are crafted by professional photographers and producers, many of whom are leading figures in architecture, fashion and design photography, and narrated by top voice artists.

The videos are major productions, and the producers will do whatever it takes to capture the true essence of the property. Sometimes a shoot will start at 4.30am to capture a sunrise and run for several days. The team might deploy aerial photography to showcase a property’s setting or underwater photography to convey a sense of the lifestyle the property offers. But it’s not about using drones or underwater cameras for the sake of it – it’s about employing state-of-the-art technology to impart the emotion of a home. Our incredible photographers and cinematographers use their artistry to create videos that give buyers a real feel for the property and what it’s like to live there, truly doing these unique properties justice.

If you’re thinking of selling or buying here in the Eastern Suburbs, don’t hesitate to reach out to my team. We’d love to hear from you.