09.12.2017 Selling Advice

Preparing Your Home For Sale: 6 Things Your Agent Should Be Doing

Preparing Your Home For Sale: 6 Things Your Agent Should Be Doing

Every real estate agent takes a commission. But how do you know your agent is working hard enough for their percentage of your sale price?

Here’s what the best real estate agents should offer you to make sure you get maximum exposure and the best possible price once your home goes on the market.

1. Connections with qualified tradespeople

Experienced real estate agents should have connections outside their own industry and be able to access a team of qualified tradespeople. Whether your home needs new carpeting, an update to paintwork, carpentry or other repairs to get it completely ready for sale, your agent should put you in contact with the best people and also offer to project manage these improvements, free of charge. This means you don’t have to spend extra time gathering quotes or managing communications.

2. Property stylists on call

Whether your property only requires minimal styling before inspections or you’d like a full-scale makeover, your agent should be able to put you in touch with a stylist who knows exactly what will convince prospective buyers. The best stylists know how to maintain a warm, lived-in feel while updating your property’s interiors for maximum impact.

3. Marketing that goes one step further

It doesn’t take a particularly skilled agent to cover the real estate marketing basics. So what will your agent do differently? The best agents know how to segment their target markets, finding the people who are truly interested in your exact type of property. They’ll also have what it takes to communicate its best features in a way that connects with these buyers.

4. Flexibility for inspections

An agent who truly wants to find the right buyer for your property knows that the traditional inspection timetable isn’t good enough. If the right buyer can only attend on a Sunday or outside normal inspection hours, the right team will make themselves available to show the property.

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5. Extras that make all the difference

Above all, a real estate agent who truly cares about the result of your sale will arrive early, take care of any tasks to prepare your home before buyers arrive and make sure you know the result after each inspection. If you’re an investment property owner and can’t attend every open house, this kind of ownership will make a huge difference to your peace of mind.

6. Are you getting what you paid for?

Many agents justify their fees simply in terms of selling your property for the highest price possible. But the best agents will add something more. The Ben Collier Team charge similar fees to other agents across Sydney’s eastern suburbs, but we offer you a one-stop shop.

We provide every seller with access to experienced tradespeople and professional property stylists. We also have the capacity to allow for Sunday inspections, we’ll make sure your property is ready for every open house, and we’ll put in the extra effort to market your property to exactly the right buyers.

Get in touch with our team today to talk about how we can support you and help you get the most out of your sale.