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Selling Your Home: How To Get Maximum Exposure

Selling Your Home: How To Get Maximum Exposure

The days when a couple of dot points and a grainy photograph in the real estate office window counted as “advertising” are well and truly past us.

Sellers expect a multifaceted, multi-channel marketing campaign for their property and agents have a range of tools at their disposal.

Our team strongly believe in tailoring a unique solution for each sales campaign, based on what we think will resonate with the target audience and deliver the vendor the best value and reach for money. Above all, any marketing campaign needs to suit both the individual traits of a property and the market it is being sold in.

Here’s why you might use different marketing mediums, and what they might add to your sales campaign.

A (good) picture is worth… thousands of dollars

Photography not only appears in property website listings but on display boards, social media posts and in print advertising. It’s a singular investment that pays dividends across all your marketing channels.

These days most agents recommend investing in a professional photography campaign, conducted by a specialist real estate photographer who knows how to emphasise building dimensions and bring spaces to life.

But advances in technology, including the use of drones, means photographs can now tell even more of a story. Want to show your audience how close the swimming pool and tennis court are to the back door? A drone will take care of that.

Remember: The more, the better – but always quality over quantity. Buyers want detail and depth. They need to be able to imagine themselves living inside a home, and they need a visual cue to illustrate what each section of the advertising copy is talking about.

Works best for: Everyone – quality photography is a must.

Words really do matter

Property listings might be short but this doesn’t make them easy to write. And pictures on their own don’t always tell the full story.

A professional copywriter knows how to capture the essence of your property in words. And it’s not just information like the numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms that they’re imparting. Effective copywriting builds a unique narrative about the property and starts creating an emotional pull with a potential buyer before they’ve even walked in the front door.

Works best for: Everyone – professional copywriting is essential.

Video and virtual tours give perspective

Gone are the days of a few photos being stitched together into a video. If you want to emphasise the scale and floorplan of a property, then video is great, and really appeals to time poor buyers.

Avoid videos that promote your real estate agent – the video should focus on the property alone, and they are usually best done as a walk-through of the property. Videos are also great for showing off unique and distinctive features – like this amazing garage at 84 Paddington Street.

Virtual tours are also becoming more popular, and allow a buyer to explore the home at their own pace, stopping to place emphasis on spaces that have added significance to their decision to purchase. These tours allow buyers to put features in perspective: Just where in the kitchen has the ocean view? How large is the deck in comparison to the living room?

Works best for: Communicating scale and see-it-to-believe-it style features to a wide audience.

Social media is for more than personal updates

Social media is on the up across most demographics and Facebook is key.

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Professional real estate agencies are increasingly dedicating time to building up a strong online following and promoting property listings via social media to highly targeted audiences of likely buyers.

Social media tools allow us to target audiences according to location, demographic, their current property attributes, demographic data and more. Social media also allows for interaction – sharing with friends and family, or asking your real estate agent questions.

Buildings with distinctive architectural features, a classic location such as beach or harbour views, or historic significance perform particularly well on social media.

Works best for: Amplifying your reach for feature-rich properties with Gen X/Y appeal and targeting specific buyers by demographics or location.

Print is far from dead

You only need to look at the print pullouts of Fairfax Media and News Corporation to realise that real estate content is one of the strongest drivers of audience engagement.

While real estate print classifieds are a thing of the past, print advertising campaigns really work for unique, high-value listings, particularly in local publications like the Wentworth Courier and Domain Prestige.

Print campaigns allow you to target a passive, high net worth audience: the businessperson sitting on a flight between Sydney and Melbourne or the couple sitting down for Saturday breakfast at a local cafe. These are buyers who aren’t necessarily actively searching for a property, but with the funds and confidence to make a spur of the moment property play.

Print plays to the emotive side of buyers, feeding into values based on status and suburb pride. But it comes at a price and some publications will have specific style preferences or content restrictions, and their publishing priorities may not align with your sales campaign timing.

Works best for: High-end properties with a story to tell, catching a passive audience’s attention.

Flyers set your property apart

While they may feel old-fashioned, there’s still a place for printed flyers, posted into local letterboxes or as takeaways from an inspection.

In a tightly held market, a flyer can communicate a sense of anticipation around the sale. And flyers capture the attention of an otherwise unengaged audience – local residents who might want to move, invest or tell a friend.

Our team also routinely door knock the neighbours in the immediate area before every listing launches. This door knocking leads to greater awareness, higher open for inspection and auction attendance, and creates a sense of anticipation and excitement about the sale.

Works best for: Standing out from similar listings, getting people’s attention, sales in tight-knit communities, targeting downsizers

Talk to our team today about creating a tailored marketing solution for your property.