09.04.2018 Selling Advice

Why Aspect Matters When Selling Your Property

Why Aspect Matters When Selling Your Property

Aspect plays a huge part in buyers’ decision-making, whether they realise it or not.

Here’s your guide to what aspect means, how it can convince buyers, and how to make the most of your property’s aspect when you decide to sell in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

Why ‘north-facing’ homes have the aspect advantage

In real estate terms, ‘aspect’ refers to the direction a property is facing – its orientation. In Sydney, homes with a northern or north-eastern aspect offer the most direct sunlight during the day, making rooms brighter and warmer. For these reasons, north and north-east facing properties have a particular advantage in the market during the winter months when buyers can appreciate both natural light and the potential savings on heating costs.

Can aspect create ‘passive’ heating?

The Australian government’s YourHome website offers specific advice on using the sun as a passive heating source by choosing the right aspect for your property, which varies depending where you are in Australia. While buyers in Sydney’s eastern suburbs aren’t always building new homes and don’t often have the luxury of choosing their home’s aspect, this information can be useful for renovators who are planning to work with an architect to make the most of an existing property to buy or sell.

Aspect snapshot: Bellevue Hill offers views and sunlight

The harbourside suburb of Bellevue Hill is essentially a peninsula running south to north, with most of its streets running east to west. This means many of the properties across the suburb – like 14-16 Drumalbyn Road – attract prospective buyers with their harbour views and sunlit rooms.

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According to CoreLogic data, Bellevue Hill houses are approaching a median price of $6 million, with 10.88% capital growth over the past 12 months. Aspect is only one factor contributing to this steady growth, but it can’t be overlooked as land with habour views becomes increasingly valuable throughout the east.

What if my property has the ‘wrong’ aspect?

Not every home can rely on a northerly aspect to convince prospective buyers. Those with southerly aspects can have rooms that are too dim, while west-facing properties contend with strong afternoon sunlight. In either case, it’s worthwhile talking with your real estate agent and a professional property stylist to hear about strategies that will present your home at its best. These could include ideas like:

  • bringing ‘borrowed light’ into dark areas by using strategically placed mirrors
  • if time allows, renovating to add windows or skylights in particularly dark rooms
  • screening out harsh afternoon light with awnings and shades.

Working with your aspect when planning inspections

When choosing the best time for your inspections, don’t work against your property’s aspect. Choose the time of day when your property brings in the most natural light and is at its most comfortable temperature. If this is difficult to organise, speak with your real estate agent and property stylist about how to work around any challenges your home’s aspect presents to make sure buyers are focused on it advantages.